Latest rumors suggest Brad Pitt is unhappy with his kids getting close to a male nanny hired by Angelina Jolie. Gossip Cop debunked these reports by stating the "manny" was not unknown to the actor.

Several outlets reported the "manny" has formed a close bond with the estranged couple’s kids. However, Star published its own version of the story by stating that Pitt was not “thrilled” that a “new man” was “having such an influence” on his children’s lives.

However, Gossip Cop checked with a source close to the actor who assured Pitt was not unhappy as the male nanny was bonding and looking after the kids.

Radar Online, just like other outlets, had stated that the male nanny, Oliver Crane, has been spending a lot of time with the kids amid the custody battle and divorce proceedings.

The website had quoted an insider saying, “All six kids love him. He’s mature and conscientious but also knows how to get on their level and make them feel heard and important. Angie’s incredibly grateful that Oliver’s around to have such a good influence on them during such an ordeal. He’s been a real distraction while she figures out the court battle with their dad.”

“Oliver is particularly close to Shiloh and Knox. They’re really smart kids and love finding out how things work, which is right up Oliver’s alley. He’s a bit of a geek at heart and loves teaching them new things. He not only accompanies them to cool things like robotics class, but he’s also entrusted with driving them,” the source added.

The source also stated Crane is a person whom Jolie can rely on.

“Oliver is the son of one of Angie’s oldest friends, her stunt coordinator Simon Crane. She’s really closed ranks since her split from Brad and rarely allows anyone into her home. Oliver is one of the lucky few,” the source said.

Pitt kids Accompanied by their children, movie stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie appear before photographers upon their arrival at Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Nov 8, 2011. Photo: TORU YAMANAKA/AFP/Getty Images

Earlier this month, Gossip Cop debunked another story appeared in Star which falsely stated that Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were having a baby. The magazine had also quoted an insider saying, “Brad and Jen never gave up hope on having a child together, and now it’s finally happening. They’ve had such a troubled history, but their baby dreams have finally come true. She’s been telling friends that she’s pregnant – and that they can’t wait to meet their baby.”

Gossip Cop debunked the report after speaking to representatives of both the actors.

Meanwhile, Jolie and Pitt, who announced their spilt in 2016 after two years of marriage but spending roughly 12 years together, are expected to begin the custody battle over their six children in December amid rumors that problems between the two have escalated.