• Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston are still being pitted against each other
  • The A-listers are rumored to be having a showdown at an upcoming awards show
  • Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston are allegedly still fighting over Brad Pitt

Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie are rumored to be getting a showdown over Brad Pitt.

The three A-listers, who are constantly being linked to each other, are reportedly going to come face-to-face during the awards season.

According to Globe, Jolie and Aniston’s meeting is expected to get ugly. An insider told the tabloid that even though Jolie is not nominated in any category, she will be crashing the awards show.

Aniston is nominated for her performance on Apple TV’s “The Morning Show,” while Pitt is also nominated for his role in “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.”

“It won’t be pretty if [Jolie] runs into them, which is highly likely – and if they’re together, it’ll be even more explosive,” the insider said.

The source also claimed that Aniston is not happy with how Jolie treated her ex-husband. And Jolie also thinks that Aniston is pathetic since she’s allegedly struggling to move on from Pitt.

Meanwhile, New Idea also claimed that a script for the upcoming “Friends” reboot has been linked, and Pitt is expected to make an appearance on the show.

“There are also rumors that Ross and Rachel will be on another break following a marital crisis, while it’s also been hinted that Monica and Chandler’s daughter will be played by Courtney’s real-life daughter, Coco,” a source told the tabloid.

However, none of these claims from unfounded insiders have been confirmed or denied by the actors involved. As such, it would be best to take them with a grain of salt.

It is also important to note that Pitt and Aniston are just friends. Contrary to rumors, they have not gotten back together. Jolie and Pitt have not rekindled their friendship so it’s unlikely that the “Maleficent” star would be concerned over Pitt and Aniston’s friendship.

As of late, it is also unclear if Pitt will make a cameo on “Friends” because details are still being kept under wraps by the producers and cast members.

Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston Angelina Jolie had all eyes on her on the 2012 Oscars red carpet. The 38-year-old mother of six flaunted her figure - particularly her right leg - in a black velveteen, strapless Atelier Versace gown with a thigh-high slit. Many noticed that the dress looked near-identical to one Jennifer Aniston wore in 2010. Who do you think looked better? Photo: Reuters/PA