Recurring Developments
Recurring Developments visualizes every joke in the "Arrested Development" series. Recurring Developments

Catching up on “Arrested Development” in anticipation of its May 26 premiere on Netflix? Tired of not remembering where every “Arrested Devlopment” reference came from in the show? Still wondering if "there's always money in the banana stand"?

Design firm Beutler Ink came up with a visualization that makes it all the more easier to find and remember your favorite lines and where they came from in the show.

The website Recurring Developments visualizes each recurring joke and displays where it occurs throughout each season of “Arrested Development", making catching up on the series much easier.

Chris Doty of Beutler Ink was responsible for the conception and research behind the visualization. Doty told the the Atlantic Wire that he had the idea for about a year but didn’t start work on it until around November, when news broke that Netflix was looking to revive the show.

Thanks to Doty, fans of the series can catch up in more ways than just running through a series marathon. But if you’re a Netflix user, you’re probably doing that already.

While the visualization is quite comprehensive, the “Arrested Development” trailer for the new season adds quite a few more recurring developments that will hopefully be added some time after the season premieres on May 26. Check out the visualization here.