Red Band Society Premiere
The "Red Band Society" is a new Fox show that follows the lives of teenagers in a pediatric ward. Find out everything you need to know about the drama. Fox/Alex Martinez

“Red Band Society” is the latest teen drama from Fox, but it has a medical twist. The show follows the lives of teenagers in the pediatric ward of Ocean Park Hospital. These kids live there full time with various deadly diseases and only a little adult supervision. This is what you need to know about the teen drama:

1. This isn’t “The Fault In Our Stars” (even though there are cute one-legged boys). The pilot definitely isn’t a tear jerker. It’s fun and fast paced with some dark humor. The first episode feels more like “Glee” than a John Green novel.

2. This isn’t a show about cancer. Only two kids have cancer in “Red Band Society.” Other kids are comatose or dealing with diseases like anorexia and cystic fibrosis. More importantly, the hospital is just the setting. It’ll deal with school, love lives and family drama just like any other show does.

3. The narrator is comatose. Charlie is a 12 year old boy who watches the lives of the teenagers at the hospital while he is in a coma.

4. Charlie still has a big story line. He has his own drama with a father who lost visitation rights, and he interacts with other characters in an unexpected way.

5. Octavia Spencer is the new Miranda Bailey. Spencer plays Nurse Jackson who is known by her coffee barista as “Scary b----" and described as tough as nails. She basically has to function as a tough mom for the kids who live at Ocean Park Hospital.

6. The love triangle is already starting. Emma and Leo have been on and off for a long time, but sparks fly when Emma meets Jordi in the pilot episode. Jordi is Leo’s new roommate and also an osteosarcoma patient.

7. Mandy Moore is guest starring. The actress will be playing Dr. Erin Grace, the ex-fiancée of Dave Annabelle’s character Dr. McAndrew, TV Line reported. She’ll also be the Chief of Staff, meaning that she is her ex’s boss.

8. Not everything is believable. This hospital looks like a cool mall, there is a rich hypochondriac with his own apartment in the hospital and half of these kids would probably receive outpatient care in real life. It’s a little hard to believe, but the dialogue and acting make up for it.

9. Don’t expect everyone to die. “Red Band Society” doesn’t want to be “Game of Thrones” and kill characters fans love. "There are serious things these kids will have to face, but it is not a show that has a body count," creator Margaret Nagle told the Hollywood Reporter. "That is not where our show lives."

10. The show is inspired by true stories. Charlie is based on Nagle’s brother who was also in a coma for a year, TV Guide reported. Other stories have clearly been inspired by real life, such as Kara posting a plea for pizza on her window.

11. The first thirteen episodes take place over three weeks. The show can’t keep characters there for years without the characters’ illnesses progressing, so expect the timeline to be stretched out, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Watch the trailer for “Red Band Society” below:

“Red Band Society” premieres Wednesday Sept. 17 at 9 p.m. EDT on Fox. Will you be tuning in? Let us know in the comments section below!