• Red Bull is not going to bring back former junior team members to Formula 1
  • There are increased rigorous selection requirements for drivers to join the senior team
  • Alex Albon and Max Verstappen to continue for Red Bull in 2020 season

Red has revealed it is not going to consider bringing back former juniors to Formula 1, like Jean-Eric Verne.

The formula one team has placed emphasis before on singing drivers to the main outfit from their junior outfit, Toro Rosso, which has now become AlphaTauri.

A shortage of Formula 1 ready drivers within the ranks of its junior squad led to the team signing Brendon Hartley, who had left the program in 2010 and had just won the Le Mans 24 hours championship with Porsche.

Some of the drivers they axed include Sebastien Buemi, Jean-Eric Vergne, Hartley, and Daniil Kyvat. Though Hartley lasted just over a season at then, Toro Rosso, the precedent of his return, raised questions about the other drivers.

Buemi and Vergne have repeatedly been mentioned as potential candidates for the Red Bull controlled vacant seats.

Helmut Marko, Red Bull team advisor, claimed that when it came to these drivers, the matter is closed. He stated they had made careers in other directions and other motorsport categories.

For example, if Vergne won Formula E, then it would be something different from the requirements of Formula 1. apparently, it is because he would be a newcomer and take him a whole season to get used to the specialties of a Pirelli tire.

Drivers Like Alex Albon though, have proven their worth with the team after he was promoted to the senior team in the 2019 season and accomplished great feats.

Marko mentioned that at first, the junior team was patronage because everyone knew how expensive motorsport is. Red Bull owner Mateschitz said they wanted to give drivers a chance to excel and prove themselves.

It suddenly became clear they had two Formula 1 teams and supporting a driver because they were relatively successful is not enough.

The sentiments by the Red Bull management probably came from the fact that not enough individuals were displaying potential for the Red Bull seat from Toro Rosso. Only Albon has been able to rise through the ranks while the rest of the Toro Rosso team has not been as successful on the grid.

Marko added that it was decided a driver in the junior program has to have the potential to win a Grand Prix for them to receive consideration for the Red Bull seat. That is why the selection has become much more rigorous.

Red Bull will proceed with Max Verstappen and Alex Albon for the next seasons, and it will probably be the case for two seasons.

Ferrari Pixabay