Red Hat Inc. has announced the availability JBoss Enterprise Business Rules Management System (BRMS) with a new business rules and policies.

The new BRMS can reduce development time to update applications and processes resulting to a more productive business environment. It can also help a business to run faster and enable business process stakeholders the ability to rapidly implement change. BRMS is designed to cut time to deployment with greater accuracy at a lower cost.

JBoss Enterprise BRMS is designed to give our customers a competitive advantage in the marketplace by helping them increase revenue, offer relevant products and services faster and improve customer satisfaction, all while reducing their overall IT costs, said Craig Muzilla, vice president, Middleware Business Unit, Red Hat.

According to Red Hat, through the use BRMS of organizations can automate the delivery of customer-facing updates, promotions, loyalty programs, discounts, or payment terms.

Key JBoss Enterprise BRMS features include:

The firm is expecting that the an organizations will be able to create better customer experiences by delivering up-to-date service, support and product faster and with higher quality when JBoss Enterprise BRMS deployed with other JBoss Enterprise Middleware such as JBoss Enterprise SOA and Portal Platforms

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