“Reign” has had an intense freshman season. From murder, to betrayal, to steamy hookups, CW viewers have been on the edge of their seats since episode 1 … and Season 1 is far from over. Episode 16, “Monsters,”  airs Thursday, and fans will be shocked to find another wedding taking place at the French castle.

The characters on “Reign” are entangled in some pretty crazy drama. Mary (Queen of Scots) recently chose to wed Francis over Bash, but is having trouble getting pregnant; Greer is having an affair with the kitchen help, Leith; Lola is pregnant with Francis’ baby after a one-night stand; and Kenna is making King Henry of France set her up with a nobleman in exchange for sex. If that wasn’t enough for Mary and her ladies to juggle, another wedding will be thrown into the mix in episode 16.

In a scandalous sneak peek obtained by E! News, “Reign” fans can see that Kenna will be tying the knot with … BASH!

Yes, you read that right. Kenna, who has been having an affair with King Henry, is set to marry his bastard son, Bash, in “Monsters.” Are the pair in love? Do they have something to gain from their union? Not exactly. … The wedding appears to be the mad king’s doing.

“You want me to say an oath?” Kenna asks Henry. “What about your oath? You promised me someone with a title.”

King Henry doesn’t think twice about Kenna’s demand, naming Bash the “Master of Horse and Hunt.” But that’s not good enough for Mary’s lady in waiting.

“What does that even mean?” she yells, with tears welling up.

Grabbing his sword and taking a menacing (and barefoot) step toward his former mistress, King Henry bellows for her to “Shut up and say the words.”

“Please, this is marriage, it can’t be undone …” Kenna says in one last plea. But Henry’s threat leads Bash to quickly take Kenna’s hands and say the vows.

[Click HERE to watch the sneak peek video on E! News.]

As the episode 16 synopsis teases, the king will be forcing a “surprising, and unbreakable, union with a new couple.” But will Kenna and Bash truly get married? Maybe … but “Reign” could throw in a royal twist.

Lola’s Anna Popplewell recently spoke to E! News and dished that her character will be getting married before the end of the season. “It’s a pretty urgent situation for Lola,” Popplewell explained of her character’s pregnancy. “She has a ticking time bomb in her belly right now.”

Will Lola agree to wed Bash in Kenna’s place? Or will Kenna be forced to wed Bash? “Reign” fans will have to wait and see when episode 16, “Monsters,” airs on The CW Thursday at 9 p.m. EDT.