LEFT: The ghost with a tennis racquet that has been haunting King Henry on "Reign." RIGHT: Francis III, King Henry's older brother and original heir to the French throne. CW Screenshot/ Creative Commons

What in the world is going on with King Henry? “Reign’s” ruler has gone off the deep end, and no one has been able to snap him out of it, or figure out the cause. However the CW series has been dropping some clues for viewers… in the form of a ghost.

“Reign” fans will have noticed that in the past few episodes a teenage boy has appeared in front of King Henry. Wearing black boots, tan pants, a white long sleeve shirt, the mysterious boy stands silent with a tennis racquet in his hand. His brief appearances in the past few weeks has left Henry shocked and frightened– and the real twist is because no one else can see the boy but the king.

The teenage “ghost” has yet to speak a word to Henry, but the King made it very clear in episode 18 that the hallucination is not welcome. “Leave me alone,” he yelled at the vision. “Get out. Please go.”

But who is the teenage hallucination? And why is Henry so afraid of him? Some “Reign” fans may have dug up the answer. According to @ReignedUsIn, a fan page for the CW series, “that guy with the tennis racquet” is none other than Francis III … King Henry’s older brother!

Francis III was the first son of King Francis I of France and Claude, Duchess of Brittany. As the first born, Francis III was next in line to get the throne. However he met an untimely death at the age of 18.

In August 1536 Francis III was playing a game of tennis when he asked for water. Shortly after drinking the beverage, Francis III collapsed … and died a few days later. Conspiracy theories around his death went wild with many believing that the future king was poisoned. However his poisoning was only suspected, and never confirmed. At the time of Francis III’s death, the teen’s secretary, Count Montecuccoli, had confessed to poisoning the heir. However it was only under torture that he confessed. But the truly head scratching piece of information is that Montecuccoli was brought to court by Catherine de’ Medici … Henry’s wife.

Another theory surrounding his death is that he died from tuberculosis after never recovering from being held hostage by Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor as a child.

King Henry began hallucinating the ghost with the tennis racquet in episode 17 of "Reign." CW/ Screenshot

What does this new piece of information mean for “Reign” and Henry’s hallucinations?

It’s well known that the CW TV show doesn’t follow the history books. And that means that it’s possible that the freshman drama can be incorporating Francis III’s storyline into the show by hinting that Henry murdered or plotted with Catherine to poison his older brother and take the throne.

Since Nostradamus confirmed that King Henry hasn’t been poisoned, the guilt of murdering his brother could be what is causing him to go mad. But what triggered this meltdown? Perhaps the on-and-off battles between his own two sons, Bash and Francis.

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