The wait for Season 2 of “Reign” seems brutal after the huge cliffhanger in the Season 1 finale.  Fortunately, we’ve got some exciting royal scoop to hold you over.

Leith’s Jonathan Keltz will be returning to Season 2 of the CW period drama as a series regular, reports Deadline. And, Keltz’s promotion can only mean one thing: the Greer and Leith love triangle will continue!

Leith became a fan favorite early on when he fell head over heels for Greer, one of Mary’s best friends and ladies-in-waiting. While Greer and the other girls followed Mary to France to find husbands, Leith who was a castle kitchen servant didn’t exactly meet Greer’s noble standards.

Leith’s peasant status didn’t stop Greer from developing a steamy (and secret) affair with him, but the noble girl made it abundantly clear that she was still searching for a wealthy suitor. Unfortunately, she didn’t care for the men pursuing her -- like Lord Castleroy. And, while Lord Castleroy was a kind a generous man, Greer didn’t share the same physical attraction for him that she felt towards Leith. Then, Lord Julien came along.

Lord Julien was everything that Greer could hope for in a suitor -- wealthy, handsome and kind -- so when he proposed, Greer said yes. But Greer made the mistake of continuing her secret rendezvous with Leith … and Lord Julien discovered her betrayal.

Breaking off their engagement after Greer’s infidelity, the lady-in-waiting’s reputation was tarnished. But worse for Leith, the kitchen servant was banished from the castle and sent to war as punishment.

“Reign” viewers will remember that Leith was missing for a couple episodes before popping back up as Francis’ savior on the battlefield. The pair struck up a bromance that resulted in Francis rewarding Leith with a title and property in France. The thought of returning to Greer as a nobleman kept Leith going through the hardships of war, but he had a cruel surprise waiting for him at the castle.

Reign The women in Lord Castleroy's life seem to love Leith. Photo: CW

While Leith was away, Greer became engaged to Lord Castleroy. Her kind, future husband promised to pay off the debts of her father and set up dowry’s for her younger sisters. And, while Greer still cared for Leith, she brutally told him that he’s only a “comfortable” man and still doesn’t have enough money for her to marry him.

Leith was heartbroken, but turned his attention to another young woman inside the castle walls. And, in a twist that fans didn’t see coming, the woman he began to woo turned out to be the daughter of Lord Castleroy.

Will Lord Castleroy allow a relationship between his daughter and Leith to develop? Will Greer try to sabotage Leith’s new love? Or will Greer end up ruining her own engagement to Lord Castleroy? Tweet @AmandaTVScoop with your thoughts and theories on Season 2 of “Reign.”