• The girls' father said that he had not seen his daughters since 2015
  • The mother claimed that the girls were staying with a friend
  • Child services launched an investigation on the girls' mother regarding her son, Jesse

A Pennsylvania mother and her partner have been arrested after police found the alleged remains of two young sisters at a property. The sisters have been missing since 2015.

Old Lycoming Township Police found the bodies of Jasmine Snyder, 4, and Nicole Snyder, 6, in the backyard of their mother Marie Snyder's house at 653 Livermore Road, Williamsport.

Marie, 32, moved into the property in 2015 and had been living there with her son, Jesse, 7, girlfriend, Echo Butler, 26, and Butler’s parents Ronald and Michelle Butler. Ronald is the owner of the property in Livermore Road.

An investigation was prompted by Child Services in September after a medical provider told the agency that Marie's son Jesse was not enrolled in a school, had speech problems and was not toilet trained, WOLF-TV reported.

An agent with Lycoming County Children and Youth Services arrived at Marie’s home and noticed that the two girls, who would have been aged 8 and 11, were missing. Marie initially told authorities on Sept. 15 that the girls were living with a friend and were being homeschooled. She refused to provide the friend’s name to the authorities but said she would contact her, Penn Live reported.

The agency questioned Marie's girlfriend, Echo on Sept. 25 and she too claimed that the girls were with a friend. Later that day, Marie called the agency and told them that her daughters were out of state with a friend but claimed not to know the exact location.

The next day, Echo's father Ronald told Children and Youth that Echo, Marie and Jesse had packed their belongings and left.

The missing girls’ father, Joshua Snyder, told the child service agency that he had not seen his children since 2015 because of custody and protection from abuse orders.

The child service then enlisted the help of law enforcement, who carried out a search warrant at the house. On surveying the neighborhood in October, police found out that no one had seen the two girls. Michelle also claimed to have not seen the girls and said that Marie told her that the girls were with a friend out of state.

"Nicole Elizabeth Snyder died/was killed and subsequently buried in 2016," the police said in a statement Monday. "Jasmine Jean Snyder died/was killed and subsequently buried in 2017," the statement revealed.

Marie was arrested on Oct. 5 at her place of employment in Clinton County and has been charged with endangering the welfare of children and obstruction in child abuse cases. She is being held in jail without bail. Echo was also arrested and is facing the same charges.

Marie's son Jesse is in the custody of Lycoming Children and Youth Services.

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Representation. A police line. Pixabay