A woman who loved deeply, and strove to perfect her craft, who was playful, funny and impossibly charming, Marilyn Monroe, died a mysterious death at a very young age of 36.

Known to be the iconic sex symbol of Hollywood cinema, the actress in spite of a very short tenure in the glamor world, made her work memorable for generations.

Born on June 1, 1926, Marilyn Monroe entered the industry and stunned people with her famed performances as an actress, singer and model. From minor roles, she soon progressed to lead roles and her performance made her a legendary.

Once described as the 'Talk of the Hollywood' by Life magazine in 1952, Monroe has been caught in a scandal for posing bare in pictures with photographer Tom Kelley, which was featured in a calendar.

Ranked as the sixth greatest female star of all time by the American Film Institute, Monroe's last few years were filled with health and personal problems and she gained a reputation of being 'unreliable' and 'difficult to work with'. Her unexplained death was officially termed as a 'probable suicide' after she died of an overdose of pills.

Had the actress lived, she would have turned 85 today.