Remy Ma
Remy Ma just took to Instagram to rant about “jealousy” after Nicki Minaj snagged a new Billboard milestone. Pictured: The “shETHER” rapper performing at the 2016 BET Awards in Los Angeles on June 26, 2016. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

Remy Ma appears to be back at throwing shade at Nicki Minaj yet again. The “shETHER” rapper just took to social media to share a strong message about jealousy, then claimed she’s staying “humble” and “grateful.”

On Thursday, Remy Ma shared on Instagram a post she spotted on “Love & Hip Hop” star Young B. or Bianca Dupree’s social media account. While the post seems harmless, it may have served its purpose of expressing Remy Ma’s thoughts about Minaj. For one thing, the main message of the post is how some people are jealous not because of material things, but because of what other people have going on in their lives that they do not have.

Previously, Remy Ma took a jab at Minaj and the latter’s failed relationships with Meek Mill and Safaree Samuels by flaunting the love and support of her husband, Papoose, in the wake of their highly publicized feud. The “All The Way Up” hitmaker mostly targeted Minaj’s failed romance with Samuels when she advised her fans via social media that they should “marry [their] best friend.” The advice was, of course, an obvious attack at Minaj, who is known for throwing away a 12-year romance with her best friend and hype man Samuels before hitting it off with Mill.

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In her latest Instagram post, Remy Ma may have been once again subliminally hinting at Minaj’s jealousy of what she has and of the love her man and the people around her are showering her. And despite having all these non-materialistic possessions, Remy Ma claims she’s staying “humble” and “grateful” because she’s “blessed.”

Remy Ma’s caption about humility also appears to be another diss aimed at Minaj who’s been flaunting her achievements on social media. The latest of which is Queen Barbz’s big milestone for having the most Billboard Hot 100 songs — 76 to be exact— by any female artist, beating Aretha Franklin’s record of 73 hits.

After learning about the good news, Minaj shared on Instagram a clip of her twerking to celebrate the milestone. She also thanked her fans for their “unwavering love” and “support” all throughout these years. Prior to setting the new record, Minaj was also posting nonstop about how her new songs, “No Frauds,” “Changed It” and “Regrets In Your Tears,” were snagging the top spots of several digital charts.