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Carla is Deputy Data Visuals Editor at IBTimes. She makes interactive graphics and finds stories using data. Before IBTimes, she did data journalism for and The Star-Ledger. She is also a graduate of the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism and the University of Florida. 

Super Tuesday 3 AKA Super Duper Tuesday Map March 15 states

Results From Super Tuesday Primaries

Clinton wins four states and Trump drove Rubio out of the race Tuesday night. In all, there were 358 GOP and 691 Democratic delegates at stake in five contests.

A Brief History Of The Occupied Land In Oregon

Following the arrest of leaders of the Malheur occupation, we took a look at the treaties and executive orders that led to the loss of Indian land in Oregon, Washington and Northern California.
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Family Ties And Other Terror Details

More information has emerged about the brothers and cousins linked to last week's deadly attacks in France. Here's everything we know about them.