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Former US vice president and Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden arrives to speak about COVID-19 on March 12

How to Replace a Presidential Candidate?

Theoretically, the delegates already won by Biden could vote for a different nominee at the Democratic National Convention even if Biden coasts into it fully healthy and unopposed.


The right hire can rapidly accelerate the success of a small business.

A step-by-step guide to small business hiring

You may have to fill empty seats for your small business to thrive. And you may need some help finding and attracting strong candidates who can move your company forward. With the right process in...
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets COVID-19 Vaccine

Hollywood veteran Arnold Schwarzenegger used his iconic "Terminator" line to encourage others to participate in the vaccination drive after he received his COVID-19 vaccine on Wednesday.
PFL Arena

PFL Ready To Continue Rise In MMA Niche

PFL is all set for its third season, looking forward to cementing its hold in the mixed martial arts market with its unique philosophy that fight sports fans have grown to love.