Chuck Norris wrote a lengthy ode to Tim Tebow, praising the quarterback's skills and urging the Jacksonville Jaguars to sign him. Reuters

Slovaks have offered overwhelming support to naming a new pedestrian and cycling bridge after action hero Chuck Norris. The surprising choice is extremely popular among residents who have been asked to vote for the name of a new bridge set to span the Morava River, which divides Slovakia and Austria.

Against all logic, Chuck Norris has currently received well over one thousand votes, making it the top choice of residents in the area. The other two top contenders include Maria Theresa, the name of the former Austro-Hungarian empress, and the Devinska Cycling Bridge, in recognition of the nearest city, Devinska.

However, it seems that if Slovakian residents have their way, the new bridge will be named after the Missing in Action and Delta Force action star.

Norris, known for playing tough-guy characters in action films, is a popular hero in Slovakia. He has become a symbol of infallibility and macho strength. He is also known for his starring television roles in shows like Walker, Texas Ranger.

While residents seem inclined to name the bridge after the 1980s martial-artist-turned-movie-star, the final decision will be determined by a regional assembly. Regional governor Pavol Freso told the Guardian, however, that they will respect the wishes of the people in naming the bridge whatever choice gets the most votes.

The same way as we have so far been building [the bridge] in full sight of the public, we will seek that the name is accepted by the public as well, Freso told the Guardian.

Only time will determine the name of the bridge as the official vote ends in April 2012.