Radiohead performed two new songs for an excited audience at the opening Miami show late Monday to kick off their U.S. Tour. The UK band played the unheard songs, Identikit and Cut a Hole.

Fans cheered and screamed as the UK band played a 24-song set in Miami, including tracks like King of Limbs, Staircase, Daily Mail and Meeting the Aisle. Nearly half of the songs from the band's set were from Radiohead's newer albums, The King of Limbs (2011) and In Rainbows (2007). Then, to the audience's surprise, the band debuted two new unheard tracks - Identikit and Cut a Hole.

Identikit had an electronic feel, in line with the band's shift towards a more electronic sound. Nonetheless, the song was original and stood out against their more traditional tracks.  Unlike Idektikit, Cut a Hole was played as part of the show's encore. The song is more downbeat and features Thom Yorke singing in a trance-like state.  

The band will continue to release new songs and deep-track B-sides throughout their U.S. tour. Radiohead's King of Limbs tour continues Wednesday in Tampa, Fla. and the band will continue to travel throughout the U.S. through April, the first U.S. tour in more than four years. Radiohead will also be playing at the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Tenn. on Jun. 8.

Most of the U.S. tour dates are currently sold out

Watch Radiohead perform Identikit and Cut a Hole: