Articles by Ned Resnikoff

Ned Resnikoff is the Political Capital Reporter for International Business Times, where he covers the intersection of money and politics. He was previously a reporter for Al Jazeera America and msnbc.


Trump’s Very Own Emailgate

The presumptive GOP nominee’s campaign allegedly solicited donations from foreign nationals, in violation of federal law.

Trump To GOP Donors: Drop Dead

Even as Trump ramps up his fundraising, he keeps saying things that seem calculated to alienate Republican contributors.

Koch Brothers Aim To Unleash Heck

A Koch-linked super PAC is spending more than $1 million on Republican Rep. Joe Heck’s bid to succeed Democrat Harry Reid in the U.S. Senate.


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A ‘Different Donald’? Not Yet

Campaign staff members have been promising donors a different Donald Trump, but with his renewed call for a Muslim ban, he hasn’t emerged yet.

The People Who Helped Fuel The Bern

Bernie Sanders’ $200 million campaign was a boon for the left-wing consultants who have been honing their digital fundraising and organizing tools for a decade.

Trump Goes For Broke

The Republican presidential candidate could fall as much as $500 million short of his fundraising goal.

How Sanders Won The Money Primary

Bernie Sanders bypassed Democratic Party gatekeepers to raise $200 million. But it won’t be easy for future candidates to replicate his success.
Sanders supporters

The Bern Rate

Bernie Sanders has outspent Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton by about $25 million. Where did the money go?

Trump’s Numbers Not Adding Up

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee seemed to contradict himself in trying to explain his charitable donations — or lack of them.

Death: The Ultimate Trump Card

Studies show that people are more likely to support Donald Trump after being reminded of the inevitability of their mortality. Seriously.


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Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets COVID-19 Vaccine

Hollywood veteran Arnold Schwarzenegger used his iconic "Terminator" line to encourage others to participate in the vaccination drive after he received his COVID-19 vaccine on Wednesday.
PFL Arena

PFL Ready To Continue Rise In MMA Niche

PFL is all set for its third season, looking forward to cementing its hold in the mixed martial arts market with its unique philosophy that fight sports fans have grown to love.