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Ned Resnikoff is the Political Capital Reporter for International Business Times, where he covers the intersection of money and politics. He was previously a reporter for Al Jazeera America and msnbc.



Here is the weekly Political Capital newsletter on the top stories about the intersection of money and politics — plus a musical outro.

Trump Goes For Broke

The Republican presidential candidate could fall as much as $500 million short of his fundraising goal.
Sanders supporters

The Bern Rate

Bernie Sanders has outspent Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton by about $25 million. Where did the money go?


Stratolaunch Launch Vehicles

Stratolaunch Systems Unveils New Rockets, Flight Plan

Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen’s commercial space venture Stratolaunch Systems announced Monday its launch vehicles — three rockets and the largest airplane ever by wingspan — and proposed first flight for 2020.
loch ness monster

Is Loch Ness Monster Real?

The existence of the Loch Ness monster -- a long-necked dinosaur-like creature surviving from prehistoric times -- has never been proven.