Articles by Paul McDougall

Paul McDougall is Deputy Technology Editor for the International Business Times. He has previously written for Scientific American, InformationWeek, SHAPE magazine and numerous other publications. Paul is a native of Toronto, Canada and currently resides in Manhattan. He holds a B.A. in Political Science and Economics from the University of British Columbia-Vancouver, and an M.A. in Journalism from New York University.

Jeb Bush

Boost For Backers Of Patriot Act Powers

Jeb Bush and others want Congress to renew a provision that broadens the surveillance powers of the National Security Agency. But opponents say not so fast.
Apple launches iPhone battery case

Why Apple Should Have Banks Worried

The technology company reportedly plans to launch a Venmo-style person-to-person payments service -- which could take business away from major financial firms.
ibm shares

Tough Transition For IBM

Big Blue, which reported lower-than-expected quarterly sales Monday, could face "a prolonged period of underperformance" as it moves to the cloud.
Nadella on stage

Microsoft Declares War On Apple

Microsoft has little choice but to push as hard as possible into phones and tablets, given the PC market’s dwindling fortunes. 

Fact Check On Fiorina's HP Record

The Republican's claim to have doubled sales while Hewlett-Packard’s CEO is technically true, but the growth was driven by the ill-fated Compaq merger.