“Resident Evil 3 Remake” art covers have been leaked online, and they reveal how three of the game's most prominent characters look like.

New art covers for the highly rumored “Resident Evil 3 Remake” have been leaked online via the PlayStation Network, ComicBook reported. The new illustrations reveal how three of the game's most memorable characters – Jill Valentine, Carlos Oliveira and the terrifying Nemesis – look like.

Jill now looks more ready to take on Raccoon City. She wore a light blue tube top and black skirt in the 1999 PlayStation classic; now, it looks like she's wearing more decent clothing that allows her to run around and engage the undead in a fight. A Twitter post compares her old and new look. Carlos, for his part, doesn't look as clean as before. He now looks more like the mercenary that he actually is.

Nemesis, the game's terrifying baddie, looks more like the experiment that he is. Fans, however, note that he doesn't look as scary as he did in the original game. Some of them noted that he has a real nose that looks like it was punched. Some also noticed the change in his gums and teeth. Well, the game hasn't been released yet, which means his looks can still change and become more hideous.

Nevertheless, all three have been given a new look – the most important changes of which happen to be with the game's heroine.

It's also worth noting that three art covers have been leaked. Two of them have the same cover graphics featuring the three characters, but have different names: one is “Resident Evil 3,” while the other is labeled “Biohazard RE:3.” The other art cover doesn't feature Jill and Carlos, and is labeled “Biohazard RE:3 Z Version.” Polygon noted that this could be a Japanese market-only release.

The leak appears to be a confirmation of earlier rumors coming from YouTube SpawnWave. According to the YouTuber's sources, “Resident Evil 3 Remake” is currently in active development, and might be released sooner than most people think. Now that the cover art has been leaked via the PlayStation Network, it appears that there's more proof that the game is indeed coming real soon.

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Rumor claims Resident Evil 3: Nemesis might feature crows. Christian Petersen/Getty Images