Capcom has yet to reveal its next title that’s using the RE Engine, which is responsible for excellent games like "Resident Evil 2 Remake" and "Resident Evil 7." However, insider information claims that "Resident Evil 8" is currently being developed and will feature familiar enemies like the Hook Man and other bioweapons. Here’s what we know about the upcoming game.

According to known "Resident Evil" leaker, EVIL VR, on Twitter, some of "Resident Evil 8’s" enemies will be newly infected scientists. These scientists are infected with the zombie virus just like most "Resident Evil" games but haven’t turned yet. While they haven’t turned into flesh-eating zombies that fans know, these enemies are noted to be insane. Moreover, the test subjects for the virus such as humans and animals may also be fought in this title.

While EVIL VR’s details match those of "Resident Evil’s" setting and themes, the information is still not that credible since the leaker didn’t mention any source. However, a Neogaf discussion has noted that EVIL VR is said to have inside access to Capcom employees and started to become active throughout 2019.

Other information about "Resident Evil 8" is the return of the Hook Man from the “Resident Evil 4” trailers. This enemy is a person wielding a chain hook while being engulfed in black smoke. The smoke consistently obscures the enemy’s shape but is always seen to be aiming to hurt the main character, Leon S. Kennedy.

The Hook Man is known as the “Hallucination” enemy in the promotional materials. While this character seemed to be an interesting threat, this enemy wasn’t found in the actual game. Fans just regard the Hook Man as a promotional enemy to show off the game’s Quick Time events.

For now, Capcom has yet to discuss its next project aside from confirming the “Monster Hunter World” Iceborne major expansion. However, EVIL VR said that a leaker sent them a picture claiming that the “Resident Evil 8’s” trailer is scheduled for release on June 6. Capcom has yet to officially tease any reveals and most of the press conferences happen around June 9 to 11. We’ll have to wait if "Resident Evil 8" would be revealed in the coming months.

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Rumor claims Resident Evil 3: Nemesis might feature crows. Christian Petersen/Getty Images