• Capcom released a new trailer for "Resident Evil Village"
  • The four-minute trailer provides an in-depth look at the new horror game
  • It also reveals new and interesting details fans of the series will like

Capcom recently released a four-minute gameplay trailer for “Resident Evil Village,” the latest installment to the long-running survival horror franchise.

The new trailer shows what kind of gameplay players can expect from the title. It uses the same RE engine as “Resident Evil 7” and has a first-person perspective that provides an immersive experience – it’s as if players are in the game themselves.

In “Resident Evil Village,” players will take on the role of Ethan Winters as he looks for his kidnapped daughter. Winters will have to face different kinds of terrifying enemies as he goes around different places, including an incredibly spooky but beautifully rendered castle, dark and dingy dungeons and very wild outdoors.

Resident Evil Village - Announcement Trailer
Fear surrounds you in Resident Evil Village, unleashing a new chapter of survival horror on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC in 2021! Resident Evil Official youTube Channel

Players will need to think fast as they face different kinds of enemies, including vampires, witches, zombies and other disgusting and menacing creatures. They will need to manage their inventory well, destroy certain things like jars and crates using their knife to find helpful items like herbs.

Gamers will also need to learn how to craft in order to survive the onlsaught they will face in the game. Things like first aid kits and ammunition can be crafted, helping users survive longer and hopefully finish the game.

The quest to find Winters’ daughter is not an impossible one. Players will get some sort of help from the merchant – a familiar character from “Resident Evil 4.” The merchant, however, is not the same guy who wears a hooded cloak and hides his wares inside. The “Resident Evil Village” merchant is known as “The Duke,” and he will appear in different situations, letting players buy what they need.

Players will be going to The Duke to buy and sell things like weapons, ammunition, extra baggage space for their inventory and so on. The Duke will also let players upgrade their weapons’ power, rate of fire, reload speed and magazine size. All of these, however, will come at a price.

Aside from learning how to scavenge items, crafting helpful tools and doing business with The Duke, players will also need to master some skills needed to fight enemies. While it’s easy to point and shoot a gun, players will need to know how to use melee skills to push enemies away and eliminate them or to simply run to safety.

“Resident Evil Village” appears to be a great game for those who like the genre. Watch the trailer below: