Despite recently revealing that she had suffered from a near-fatal heroin overdose, Sabrina Burkholder will still be featured on a new season of ”Return to Amish” when it returns from a lengthy hiatus on TLC.

A source familiar with the show tells International Business Times that filming has wrapped on a new season, which is expected to premiere on the network around November, and that Sabrina will be on it. Sabrina will co-star alongside fellow cast mates, Jeremiah Raber, Rebecca Schmucker and Abe Schmucker, in addition to some new faces.

The news comes on the heels of Burkholder (also known as Sabrina High), 32, revealing she recently suffered from a near-fatal heroin overdose while out with her boyfriend, Jethro Nolt, and that as a result, she is now going for a lengthy rehab stay.

“A few days before my 32nd birthday, almost 2 months ago, Jethro and I were with our friend Sean in York County, PA. I was almost a year clean from heroin. For whatever reason that day, I was in a mood. We all were. Sean got some molly and some heroin. We did the molly and then Sean did some heroin and handed me a capful of it,” she recalled in the post.

“I asked him if it was all for me because it looked like a lot. He was like 'yeah happy birthday.' So I mixed it up and shot it. I remember feeling very weird and that was my last conscious thought.”

Burkholder went on to reveal she woke up approximately 30 minutes later surrounded by paramedics and credited her friend for doing CPR on her, as well two doses of Narcan, with saving her. She added that she believed she died from the overdose because she saw both her biological grandmother and mother and believed she had gone to heaven before being brought back.

Burkholder concluded that she was going to be going off the grid for a while and that fans wouldn’t be hearing from her, explaining in the comments section of her post that she was going to rehab.

return to amish
Sabrina Burkholder, Abe Schmucker, Rebecca Schmucker, Mary Schmucker and Jeremiah Raber in a promotional photo for Season 4 of "Return to Amish." TLC

“Yes I am going to rehab. And I’m not coming out for a long time,” she wrote.

She also revealed her boyfriend was clean and sober, and the friend who had given her the heroin was in jail.

This is the latest update for Sabrina, who had taken to her Facebook page before the heroin overdose to reveal that there was a new season of ”Return to Amish” in the works, which she claimed the entire original cast, with the exception of Kate Stoltz, was returning for. She also went on to explain in a later (since-deleted) post that producers from TLC and Hot Snakes Media were trying to help her with her sobriety and that she could lose her job on the show if she wasn’t doing better.

“I specifically asked parole to put it in the paperwork that TLC and [production company] Hot Snakes be allowed to know everything. That way I am held accountable and have to do well, otherwise, I will lose my job. I decided that I need that kind of structure in my life.”

As for her fellow cast members, none have taken to social media to discuss her current situation. Former cast member Stoltz, who revealed in an interview with In Touch earlier this year that she was no longer in contact with the cast, has also not spoken out.