After a tumultuous year that included a domestic violence arrest, “Return To Amish” star Jeremiah Raber and his wife, Carmela, have called it quits on their relationship.

Jeremiah revealed that he had kicked Carmela out in a Periscope video (via Radar Online), telling his followers that he was “done” with her, a little over three months after he was arrested for alleged domestic abuse.

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“I finally got smart,” Jeremiah reportedly said in the live video. “I finally did it. As of today, a half hour ago, I am single as ****! I told her to get the **** out of the house. I’m done with her, no more. We’re going through a divorce. I’m proud to say I stood up and kicked her out.”

Jeremiah followed up his video with a Facebook post, where he blasted Carmela for always “lying” and “playing the victim,” saying that “the real truth” would come out in the end.

According to Radar, Carmela did respond to his claims in a Facebook post of her own which has since been deleted. In her post, she allegedly claimed that she had gone through a “living nightmare” the last few years, but she wasn’t going to “look back” any longer.

“I’m hurt no lies but I will never put myself through what I’ve been through these few years,” she wrote. “It was a living nightmare. I lost everything my home by belongings, my self-esteem, I wanted a family I wanted to grow old with someone. I did the best I could and my self-esteem got so low as it was beat out of me. I will no longer speak in the past but move forward because remembering is so painful and why relive it. I’ve even had to lie to cover up stuff and smiled through the pain and when people ask me how I am, I hope God forgives me. Thank you for praying for me and my family.”

Since then, Jeremiah has continued to post to Facebook with several other claims about their relationship, including reveals where he indicates that Carmela had shown everyone else a different side, whereas he was shown the truth.

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In one post, he blasted her for reportedly bringing her son into their arguments.

“Sad that when I call her she encourages her kid to take part in the argument so I decided to be a parent and hang up. I will not stoop to that level. Please stop doing that to your son. That’s abuse...” He wrote.

He also shared a photo of a wedding ring in a toilet, revealing that it was a photo Carmela had sent him earlier of her ring, and asking fans if her doing that or his taking his ring off during his video was worse.

“According to Carmela there are so many people mad that I took my ring off on Periscope. Was that any worse than what she did 2 weeks ago? She threw her ring in the toilet in a hotel while she was driving down here to Florida to be with me so you tell me which one is worse. PS she sent me that picture,” he wrote.