Fashion from the 2000s appears to be back in the summer of 2021, as trend-setting Gen Z has taken hold of some clothing styles.

Social media has been flooded with young people rocking Y2K fashioned baby dolls shirts, jumpsuits, mini-skirts, low-rise flared jeans, and beaded necklaces along with colorful streaks in their hair.

Many known celebrities have hopped on the trend, as well. This has led to a huge rise in the relativity of thrifting clothes in order to finds these styles.

Thrifting has become a way for the generation to be stylish but also rid of “fast fashion” and appreciate re-using clothing. Being environmentally aware is also popular among Gen-Z.

Part of the reason Y2K has made such a strong comeback is the return of major roles from this era. Britney Spears and Paris Hilton have recently regained attention.

Emma Rogue, store owner of Rogue in New York's Lower East Side neighborhood, credits the success of Y2K items and this fashion to the return of these stars.

“So I think like the free Britney movement and Paris coming out with her documentary on Provo has brought them back to the spotlight, and Gen Z might not necessarily have grown up with them in the way people a generation older than I did grew up with them. So obviously, there's going to be some sort of curiosity and desire to figure out what Britney and Paris were like when they were younger. So they're going to do that through fashion,” Rogue said according to NBC News.

Depop and Poshmark, are two clothing resale apps that have experienced the biggest benefits over the past year due to the trend, with millions of users flocking to the sites.