After a seriously long and cold winter break, things will start to heat up when Season 4 of the steamy drama “Revenge” returns to ABC on Sunday, March 15. And you can bet the upcoming installment, titled “Bait,” will be chock-full of twists, turns and lots of trouble for our favorite Hamptonites.

A promo video for episode 15 previously unveiled that Jack (Nick Wechsler) would finally let his feelings for Emily (Emily VanCamp) be known in the upcoming episode. “He’s waited 20 years for this moment,” the trailer teases, following an intimate scene between the childhood friends.

“You have to know it’s always been you,” he gushes. But will his bold testament sweep Em off her feet? That seems unlikely considering Emily had already been carried off into the sunset by Officer Ben (Brian Hallisay). In episode 14, Jack caught Emily and his former-partner locking lips in the middle of the night -- a heartbreaking moment for all Jack and Emily shippers who have been vying for the duo to hookup for what seems like ages. However, perhaps Em’s new romance will light a fire under Jack, forcing him to set his priorities straight and finally get the girl of his dreams.

But that’s not all we know about episode 15! Recently released promo photos from “Bait” suggest that fans can expect a showdown between newcomer Natalie (Gina Torres) and Hampton’s Queen Bee, Victoria (Madeline Stowe), at what looks like a celebration honoring David (James Tupper). Will viewers finally learn the real reason for Natalie’s arrival to the island and what her motives are?

In December TVLine reported that the “aspiring socialite” had a mission behind her move to the Hamptons -- and it was to seek revenge on someone who had wronged her. It seems safe to assume that Victoria could have been the one to cause the “humble-but-ambitious” character pain, considering the Grayson matriarch doesn’t have the best track record. But only time will tell if the stake Natalie is so eager to use is meant for Victoria.

Check out 12 images below from episode 15 of “Revenge”:

"Revenge" will return Sunday, March 15, at 10 p.m. EST.