“What’s next for Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) now that danger no longer lurks around every corner?” Nolan (Gabriel Mann) asked in tonight’s opening scene of “Revenge.” The Season 4 installment, “Kindred” kicked off episode 14 with the Hamptons-based besties preparing for the former-bachelor’s faux wedding to Louise (Elena Satine).

But of course the conversation steered toward Emily and her dramas despite it being Nolan’s big day. Nolan was just hours away from saying “I do” to his red headed bride to help protect Louise’s fortune from being drained by her wicked mother. However, as it turned out, not even Louise’s fake nuptials could prevent her family from getting their fingers on her finances.

In episode 13, Louise’s mom revealed that the real reason she had been drugging her daughter wasn’t to steal her inheritance but to help Louise forget the gruesome night she murdered her father. Initially, Louise dismissed the idea, believing that there was no way she could have killed her beloved father -- that is, until her brother Lyman (Sebastian Pigott) confirmed the ghastly rumor with a police report.

But could Louise really trust her smooth-talking politician of a brother? That’s when Nolan stepped in, offering Louise a way to find out the truth a la Emily Thorne. Emily broke out her coolest party trick to date during episode 14, which involved stabbing a knife in between the spaces of Louise’s fingers to trigger her dark past. During 5-Finger Fillet, Louise uncovered the memory of her father falling down a flight stairs as her hands extended out to him. This led her to believe that she did kill her father. But instead of revealing the truth of her vision, Louise lied, claiming her innocence.

Louise couldn’t cope with the idea of murdering her dad and that this secret could potentially ruin Nolan’s life, so she decided to lock herself away at a mental institution. Emily went running after Nolan’s blushing bride with a wedding gift from the groom. The present was the original police report of what happened the night her father was killed. According to the file, Louise’s mother was the one who pushed her father down the stairs after they argued over her infidelity. Louise’s mother then had the original report destroyed and forged a new one pinning the incident on her daughter.

So, how did Louise confront her mother? Well, let's just say Nolan let his mother-in-law know in advance that he and Louise wouldn’t be making the Ellis family’s Thanksgiving dinner.

That wasn’t the only vengeance sought in “Kindred.” During episode 14 of “Revenge,” Margaux (Karine Vanasse) fought once again to dig up dirt on her arch nemesis although she was advised to “move on” by Victoria (Madeline Stowe). However, the only scoop her private investigator could uncover was a picture of Emily and David (James Tupper) hugging, which was then turned into a salacious tabloid article.

Margaux requested that her hired help research a little harder so that she could get payback for the death of her baby daddy and his spoiled reputation. “I will not have Daniel’s name tarnished while hers remains clean,” she stated during “Kindred.”

Eventually Margaux did receive the evidence she needed to put Emily behind bars. The only problem with the incriminating evidence found was that it would also take Jack (Nick Wechsler) down with Emily. Jack was the only one who confronted Margaux about Daniel’s death, dubbing him as a hero. For that -- and the well wishes of her unborn child -- Margaux struggled with the thought of betraying him.

Victoria was trying to preserve Daniel’s reputation through a fundraiser. However, her hoity-toity Hamptons “friends” thought honoring an alleged “abusive husband” was unseemly. But Queen Victoria convinced her subjects to reconsider after she threatened to expose her clique’s most haunting secrets.

But the disappointing outcome of the fundraiser would be the least of her concerns when the mysterious Natalie Walsh (Gina Torres) made her “Revenge” debut. The two went head-to-head, puffing up their feathers to see who the alpha of the Hamptons really was in episode 14. Could Victoria have finally met her match?

Other important moments in episode 14:

  • Jack quit the force due to “conflict of interest.”
  • Kim Richards, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star, returned to the Hamptons as Victoria’s frenemy.
  • Emily decided not to live her life as Amanda Clarke -- at least not just yet.
  • Amanda revealed she has been playing the role of Emily for 11 years.
  • Emily and Ben (Brian Hallisay) finally let their chemistry get the best of them in episode 14, sharing a kiss that Jack witnessed.

What did you think of episode 14 of "Revenge"? Did Emily and Ben's kiss surprise you? Or was it the truth behind the death of Louise's father that left your mouth agape? Sound off in the comments section below.