“Revenge” might be on hiatus until March 8, but that doesn’t mean the spoilers are! E! Online revealed an interesting tidbit about the upcoming episode of the hit ABC series, titled “Bait,” and it involves everyone’s favorite officer. According to reports, Ben (Brian Hallisay) will kick off the second half of Season 4 on a pretty stellar note. Not only does he now have the girl (Emily VanCamp) but he’ll also be getting a big career boost in episode 15 – one that warrants a visit from his mysterious older brother.

Ben’s brother Kevin reportedly will pay a visit to the Hamptons following his little sibling’s career success. Did Ben finally get the promotion to detective that he’s been gunning for since he joined the force?

Kevin won’t be the only ghost from Ben’s past debuting in Season 4. Sunil Nayar, the show’s executive producer, previously teased to TVLine that Ben’s ex-wife, April, will stir up trouble for our favorite characters. April has been described as “pretty but scrappy,” which means she may give Emily a run for her money.

In episode 14, Emily let her feelings for Ben get the best of her when she rushed to his house in the middle of the night. Her visit resulted in a steamy makeout session, which was spotted by Jack (Nick Weschler), Emily’s number one fan. Jack was on his way to Ben’s house to discuss quitting his job. However, instead of getting the comforting pep talk he needed, he got a jolt of rejection.

Jack has been pining for Emily for the longest time, and according to the promo video for episode 15, he’ll let his love for her be known when “Revenge” returns in March. “You have to know it’s always been you,” he says in the trailer for “Bait.”

Will Emily reciprocate Jack’s feelings or will she, once again, leave her childhood crush in the dust? Sound off in the comments section below with your predictions before “Revenge” returns to ABC on Sunday, March 8, at 10 p.m. EST.