revenge season 4 spoilers
Emily (Emily VanCamp) will try to tell the truth about her true identity in episode 18 of "Revenge." ABC

They say the truth will set you free, but it looks like the only thing the truth will release in the coming Season 4 installment of “Revenge” is even more drama. In a sneak peek promo video for episode 18 of the hit ABC series, it is revealed that Emily (Emily VanCamp) will finally come clean to the world about her true identity as Amanda Clarke. But it doesn’t seem everyone will be happy to learn of her new and selfless ways -- particularly her boyfriend Ben (Brian Hallisay).

In the clip, Ben attempts to try to talk his girlfriend out of untangling the web of lies she so meticulously created. But of course, there’s no pushing Emily into doing anything, now is there?

The short and dramatic clip kicks off with Ben walking in on his girlfriend going at it with a punching bag.

“Hey, I thought you’d be dressed,” he says, a bit confused as to why Emily isn't ready for the dinner date they had planned with friends. But from the way Em is pounding on her punching bag, it doesn't seem she is in any state to enjoy a steak dinner.

“I think I should stay home,” she says while whaling on the gym equipment. Ben can apparently sense that she is feeling stressed. Did her anxiety have something to do with Jack’s (Nick Wechsler) recent visit?

“What’s going on?” he questions, adding that Emily had been acting different since she saw Jack. “Kevin said you two were in a pretty intense conversation. I wasn’t going to ask...”

That’s when Emily reveals that she has asked Jack to help her clear Daniel’s (Joshua Bowman) name -- the one she previously tarnished in order to protect her true identity. Dragging Daniel's name through the mud resulted in a deadly feud between Em and Daniel’s baby mama Margaux (Karine Vanasse), who recently suffered from the loss of her child as a repercussion of their quarrel.

Ben appears stunned that after everything Emily had done to keep Amanda hidden, she is willing to end the charade. “Don’t,” she cut him off. “I’ve already heard all of the reasons why it’s a bad idea.”

That’s when Ben starts feeling self-conscious about where he stands in Emily’s life. He asks his girlfriend why she sought out help from Jack rather than him. “You know a little heads-up that the girl I’m dating is about to retract a statement in a case that I closed would have been nice, seeing how it could affect my job." Ben brought up a valid point. Maybe Emily isn’t as selfless as we thought, huh?

Immediately Emily thinks Ben’s reaction is due to jealousy. “Don’t make this about something that it’s not,” she warns him, insinuating Ben was green over her relationship with Jack. But Ben promises he wasn’t envious. “I know that this is about what happened to Margaux," he says.

“This is about everything,” Em says. “People have gotten hurt and died because of all of this. This one thing -- this one thing I wanted to undo.”

Will Emily reveal her true identity in episode 18? Sound off in the comments section below with your theories before “Clarity” airs on Sunday, March 29, at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC.