They’re back! After nearly a month's hiatus, our favorite Hamptonites returned to ABC Sunday with the airing of Season 4’s highly anticipated episode, “Bait.” Episode 15 kicked off on a dramatic -- and dare we say sexy note -- with Ben’s (Brian Hallisay) bedroom floor littered with the wrinkled clothing of the dashing officer and Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp).

The two spent the morning after their sensual rendezvous talking about their pasts. But when things started getting too tense under the covers, Ben suggested they change the subject.

“We don’t have to do this,” he said, proposing another activity in which the two could engage. Emily seemed more than happy to oblige.

But the episode quickly took a dark turn when Victoria (Madeline Stowe) revealed a death had occurred in the Grayson family. No, it wasn’t Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) -- although many speculated Daniel’s (Joshua Bowman) sister had met her demise. It was actually Victoria’s father-in-law, Edward.

Despite Victoria’s fond feelings for the father of her late husband, a part of her was excited about the good fortune that would soon be heading her way. Victoria revealed Edward had left her and her children everything in his will -- or so she thought. After a quick meeting with a lawyer, Victoria learned the only thing she would reap from Edward’s death were two “incontinent corgis” along with their Burberry beds.

So, who would be getting Edward’s large inheritance? Well, his wife, of course!

“She died 20 years ago,” Victoria said, seeming rather perplexed. But everything soon became clear once Natalie (Gina Torres), Hampton’s newest and mysterious socialite entered the room. Natalie explained she had married Edward a month prior to his death, adding she had met him while acting as his nurse.

That struck a chord for Victoria and soon enough she was hell-bent on finding some dirt on Natalie or a loophole in the will. While discussing the alleged fraudulent act with a lawyer (who was apparently way too expensive for Victoria), Louise’s (Elena Satine) brother Lyman (Sebastian Pigott) overheard the Grayson matriarch’s dilemma.

“I need a lawyer not an opportunist,” Victoria said to the eager politician who requested 20 percent of the winnings (to fund his campaign) if he were to crush Natalie. “You could not ask for a better proposition,” he urged her.

Victoria eventually caved and hired Lyman after he revealed he had a scoop on the alleged nurse that could be used to contest the will. Victoria celebrated the exciting news by serving Natalie in the middle of a crowded restaurant.

While that was a major plot line of episode 15, the majority of “Bait” focused around Emily and Margaux's (Karine Vanasse) feud. Margaux was determined to seek retribution for Daniel after Emily had tarnished his name. But to take Emily down, she would have to drag Jack along with her -- something she didn’t seem hesitant to do.

When Jack learned about Margaux’s plan he immediately asked to handle the situation -- after all, he was the one who admitted on the video he had killed an FBI agent. But Emily was hesitant. Eventually Jack had his wish granted and met up with his friend at the park to have a one-on-one.

The duo talked about life, kids and their futures -- but at no time did Jack mention anything about Margaux framing him. Instead, Jack’s son made an adorable bracelet for the mom-to-be, which she wore with pride.

But as it turned out, the bracelet was just a part of Emily’s plan to destroy the video on Margaux’s computer. Unable to penetrate the system, Emily came to the conclusion she would have to break into Margaux’s office and steal the file from the computer. So, with a little help from Louise, Jack and Nolan (Gabriel Mann), the incriminating video was deleted when the bracelet, created by the tech wizard, came into contact with the machine.

After the FBI left Margaux’s office, thinking she was the millionaire who cried wolf, Emily paid her a visit to let Margaux know she shouldn't mess with her. Margaux, however, promised she would find a way to discover Emily’s weak spot.

However, it was the last scene in episode 15 for which “Revenge” fans had been waiting: the moment when Jack would finally confess his feelings for Emily.

Jack started by revealing to Emily he was aware of her current relationship with Ben and he knew there was someone out there who was “a better fit” for her. That’s when he sentimentally handed her a piece of sea glass. (They used to collect it together as children.)

“I was trying to give you space,” he said, referencing the aftermath of Aiden’s (Barry Sloane) death. “I can’t watch you be with anyone else. I have one certainty in my life and it is how I feel about it. It’s always been you.”

Emily responded, claiming she too cared about Jack but that she couldn’t be with him. “I’m sorry,” she said, clearly hurt. But it was Jack who ended up shedding the tears. “I’m not going to wait around,” he said. Doesn’t he know that Emily isn’t willing to risk his life in this messy game of revenge she’s playing?

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