Instead of retiring her deadly red Sharpie in the series finale of “Revenge,” Emily (Emily VanCamp) decided to pass the vengeance-seeking torch to none other than her good friend Nolan (Gabriel Mann). That’s right, the final episode concluded with Nolan becoming the new Em (even though we initially predicted it would be Charlotte [Christa B. Allen] who would catch the revenge bug from her half-sister).

In the last scene of “Two Graves,” Nolan received a visit from someone looking to avenge his mother’s name. His mom had been convicted of a crime she allegedly didn’t commit, and her son had arrived at Nolan’s bar looking for the tech genius to aid his mission of revenge.

“Amanda Clarke said you can help me,” the desperate character said.

“Well played, Ems,” said Nolan, who previously divulged his concern to Emily that there would be no life for him after revenge. “Well played.”

Prior to the series finale, “Revenge” showrunner Sunil Nayar teased the final installment would feature a surprising cliffhanger, one that “could have spurred the show into Season 5.”

“If there had been a fifth season, [the cliffhanger] would have set up a new ‘Revenge,’” Nayar revealed to the Hollywood Reporter. (The series was canceled in April, just two episodes before the Season 4 finale.) Although there won’t be another installment of the riveting drama, fans have wondered if the cliffhanger could lead to a potential spinoff starring everyone’s favorite billionaire: Nolan Ross.

Though there’s been no word of a “Revenge” spinoff, Nayar did tell Entertainment Weekly that audiences shouldn’t lose all hope regarding a sequel. The executive producer dished that despite the upcoming ABC drama “Kingmakers” not being an official “Revenge” follow-up (the show follows the story of a boy looking to avenge his sister’s death), it’s quite possible the new series will star some of the beloved Hamptonites.

“It's got the blood and passion of ‘Revenge’ hardwired into what [‘Kingmakers’] is, but at the moment it is not a spinoff in that there's no characters from this show that are, at the moment, planning on being in that show ... but never say never,” Nayar teased.

Is it possible Nolan could find himself working side by side with Eli (Gus Halper), the scorned protagonist who adopts a new identity in an attempt to investigate his sister’s mysterious demise? Nolan would make the ultimate sidekick -- after all, he did learn from the best sensei in the game, so he may be able to give Eli the tips he needs to succeed in his mission of revenge.

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