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  • Nicole Martin claimed that Larsa Pippen is spreading rumors about Julia Lemigova to destroy the latter's marriage
  • Martin, who has past issues with Pippen, added that it is the perfect example of how Pippen fights
  • Martin said there was no drama between Lemigova and Martina Navratilova, and Pippen only took it out of proportion

Larsa Pippen is allegedly trying to destroy her "Real Housewives of Miami" co-star Julia Lemigova's marriage.

Martin, 37, spoke about her take on Pippen spreading gossip about Lemigova — the first LGBTQIA+ "Housewife" — making out with a man and allegedly cheating on her wife, Martina Navratilova. According to Martin, Pippen was trying to destroy a marriage.

"There was some Instagram drama between them, and it was some stupid, petty drama and then here [Pippen] comes, like, 'I heard you're making out with men,' like, potentially trying to ruin a marriage," Martin, who had past issues with Pippen, 48, told Page Six in an exclusive interview. "Like, Instagram drama [versus] 'Let me destroy your marriage?' This is a perfect example of how Larsa fights."

In the trailer for "RHOM" Season 5, Pippen approached Lemigova and told her, "Someone told me a week ago that you were making out with a man. And she took a photo of it."

Elsewhere in the trailer, Navratilova, 66, seemed furious with the revelation. "When is this going to stop?" the former tennis legend askws her wife during a meal with the latter's teenage daughter, Emma.

"I'm done," Navratilova added. "I'm done, OK?"

Despite the drama portrayed on the show, Martin believed that the incident was only taken out of proportion by Pippen. The medical professional speculated that Lemigova's behavior was probably due to her decision to come out as queer later in life.

"Julia is a little flirtatious, very sexual. She's very comfortable with her sexuality," Martin explained. "I think she suppressed it for so many years that now she's very much about embracing how she's feeling."

As for the photos of Lemigova kissing a friend during a night out, Martin was convinced that her co-star was only being playful when she noticed the paparazzi taking pictures of her with a friend.

"I think she is teasing the paparazzi. She's out with her friend, and they're taking pictures, and people were speculating," Martin added. "And she's like, 'You know what? You want a show? I'm going to give you one.'"

Martin is a good friend of Lemigova and Navratilova. According to her, the retired athlete knew about the rumors, and "she didn't give a s--t, so why are we trying to create drama where there is none?"

Martin also gave an update about her friendship with Pippen in the interview. The two clashed when Martin asked Pippen if her former BFF Kim Kardashian made her sign an NDA. Pippen shamed Martin for having a child out of wedlock. Martin shares her 3-year-old son Greyson with fiancé Anthony Lopez.

"She's still mad at me about stuff that happened at the reunion ... when ... I asked her about an NDA," Martin said before insisting on her innocence as to why she asked Pippen the question.

"I didn't think that was a big deal. I live with a lawyer [Lopez]. I know a lot of people that have to sign NDAs, and that was not meant as a personal attack at all. I was just like, 'Maybe she can't talk about [the Kardashians]. Let's drop the subject.' I swear to you it was totally innocent."

"The Real Housewives of Miami" Season 5 premiered on Dec. 8 on Peacock. New episodes drop every Thursday.

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