The "Real Housewives Of Miami" star, Lisa Hochstein, has been accused by her estranged husband, plastic surgeon Dr. Lenny Hochstein, of treating him like a servant and yelling at him almost every week.

Since Lenny filed for divorce in May last year, the couple has been trash talking each other on social media. This time, the plastic surgeon accused Lisa of treating him like a servant.

"Lisa treated me like her servant," he wrote in a comment on Instagram, PageSix reported Wednesday. "She refused to help me with the smallest requests, yelled at me on a weekly if not daily basis, and established a life completely away from me."

Lenny shared Lisa used to stay out partying, while he was home. He also accused Lisa of criticizing everything he did, and not acknowledging his hard work.

He added, "Shoved her friends who I disliked down my throat, embarrassed me in public in front of my friends, and refused to do anything with me."

Lenny revealed he discussed the same with Lisa, but she "laughed" at him.

"One of the guys she's dating has been to our home, has vacationed with us, and has had a 'friendly' relationship with her for 7 years, but I'm the bad guy?" he wrote. "I tried to sacrifice my life for the sake of our children for years but ultimately the abuse became too much. You think you know the real Lisa?"

An Instagram user shared the screenshot of the comment. However, the account, where he made the comment, is now private.

Lisa, on the other hand, shared there was no possibility of her returning to Lenny as their divorce was "really nasty."

"I could never go back," the reality star told People last month. "He's done so many horrible things to me — too much has been said and too much has been done — that any chance of a reconciling is gone in my mind. I have no hopes of getting back together. That ship has sailed."

The 56-year-old plastic surgeon filed for divorce after 12 years of their marriage. The estranged couple shares two kids - Logan, 7, and Elle, 3.

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