• "Rick and Morty" Season 4 episode 6 might air next month
  • Spencer Grammer shares possible reason for the delay in the release of episode 6
  • A new trailer of "Rick and Morty" Season 4 was released on Twitter

 “Rick and Morty” Season 4, episode 6 might be coming up in April.

The last episode of “Rick and Morty” Season 4 aired on Dec. 15. It’s been two months and fans have no idea when episode 6 will air. There are speculations that it will air next month or probably later.

According to Otakukart, following its mid-season break in December, it is likely that the show will return in April. Considering the show’s past trend, April 2020 is the “safest deadline” for episode 6 to premiere.

Meanwhile, it’s not new for the Adult Swim animation to take a long break. In fact, it took two years for “Rick and Morty” to return from its finale episode in Season 3. Spencer Grammer, who voices Summer Smith for the hit series, shared a possible reason for the delay. According to her, the storyline often changes.

“And also, storylines change a lot. If a storyline isn’t working, audibly, they’ll go back and re-write and [sometimes] change the whole episode,” she told Collider

“There’s one episode we recorded a lot of times. A lot, a lot of times. If Summer hasn’t had a Dan Harmon pass yet, then usually, Summer’s character will be a little bit different, if it feels like Summer doesn’t have as much of an intention as she normally does. So, those things happen too, but very rarely. Mostly we’re just making the story better and I get more lines.”

Series creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon said that they were “super excited” when “Rick and Morty” was locked in by the network. According to them, it offered them “job security.” The writers promised to deliver good episodes and said that it will be a “little quicker” because they were aware of their long breaks.

“We're not going to do these long breaks, these chasms in between seasons anymore. We're going to schedule vacation time and just keep the machine going. It's going to be really cool,” Roiland said.

Earlier this month, “Rick and Morty” released a new trailer for Season 4 on Twitter. It featured Morty and Jerry in an adventure with two other aliens. Rick wasn’t featured in the video.

Rick and Morty There are rumors that there will be a "Rick and Morty" Christmas episode ahead of season 4. Photo: Adult Swim