Rick Ross
Rick Ross releases video for "MMG Untouchable" off his mixtape "Rich Forever." REUTERS

In a bizarrely scary turn of events, American rapper Rick Ross was rushed to hospital twice after suffering seizures while on board his flight to Memphis, where he was scheduled to perform on Friday.

Shortly after the flight took off from Ft. Lauderdale, Fl., Ross had a seizure following which an emergency landing was made and he was rushed to the Fort Lauderdale hospital. The 35-year-old rapper remained under medical supervision for a few hours after which he took a private flight to get to Memphis to perform at the concert.

However, once on board the second time, he suffered yet another seizure and the pilot performed an emergency landing in Birmingham where he was again rushed to hospital. Reports state that Ross appeared critical, lost consciousness and an onboard doctor had to perform CPR, before his first flight made an emergency landing.

DJ Sam Sneak, of Maybach Music, tweeted that Ross was recovering while he was in hospital after first seizure: I'm wit @rickyrozay now he good, Sam Sneak wrote.

Ross' concert has been cancelled following second seizure.

There have been no reports or confirmation regarding what caused Ross' illness with most reports maintaining that neither drugs nor alcohol caused the seizures. Ross, born William Leonard Roberts II, has no know history of substance abuse, even though he derived his stage name from the drug trafficker Freeway Ricky Ross.