The 'Diamonds' singer posts an image of her and Brown embracing following his concert in Frankfurt, Germany. Instagram/Badgirlriri

Rihanna and Chris Brown have made yet another bold statement through their social media pages indicating they may be back together.

Late Thursday evening, the "Diamonds" singer posted to her Instagram page an image of her hugging Brown with the caption, "i dont wanna leave!!! Killed it tonight baby!!!"

Brown, who has been touring in Europe, gave a concert in Frankfurt, Germany, Thursday night, according to The Insider.

In the intimate photograph, Brown is perched on the arm of a leather couch, cradled in Rihanna's embrace.

Neither artist has made an official statement on the status of their relationship as of late, and both in the past have denied that they are together; however, the two have been teasing the public for weeks, sharing photos that suggest they have rekindled their relationship.

Following reports that the two spent the Thanksgiving holiday together in Berlin, where Brown was performing, Rihanna tweeted an image of Brown shirtless on a bed.

Days later, as news broke that Rihanna's recently released album, "Unapologetic," debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard charts, the singer tweeted a photo of herself wearing a new Rolex watch.

On the same day, Brown posted an image of himself wearing the men's version of the same watch to his Instagram page, which has left many speculating that Brown gave the watch to Rihanna as a gift.

Many people have taken the most recent photo as confirmation of what they believe the conspicuous couple has been alluding to for a long time.

Despite much criticism, several fan comments on the Instagram page congratulated Brown and Rihanna on getting back together.

@steph_vee commented to @jaaanice_, "haha told u !! No more denying it..Wats meant to be will be.

@sweet_98, said, "yayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! sooooooooo happy for yalllllllll!!!!! yasssss!!!!!!!!!!!!"