Rihanna is sharing more photos of her rest and relaxation habits following her whirlwind "777" tour. Recently, the singer posted to Twitter a photo of herself in black underwear and smoking some kind of cigar, the Daily Mail reports.

The news source notes that in the photo, Rihanna is holding her iPhone, which has an image of herself on it. In addition, she accented her barely there look with a diamond tennis bracelet and matching necklace.

Rihanna has been extremely active on Twitter lately. She posted a photo of herself topless and looking over her shoulder on Monday, and she posted a photo of supposed on-again-off-again boyfriend Chris Brown shirtless in her bed as they spent the Thanksgiving holiday together last week.

While she had a lazy morning in bed, she was quickly back to work giving an interview to Nick Grimshaw on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show, where she spoke about how “stressful and tiring” her recent seven-day tour had been.

“I'm a little sick right now, but I'm not affected by it, I'm in a great mood -- I'm getting a bit of a cold,” she said.

The singer was accompanied by a group of friends, fans, and reporters on her tour plane. Many complained that she did not spend enough time with them during the tour, but Rihanna explained to Grimshaw why she wasn’t able.

“It was fun. It was exhausting... it was definitely different doing your job but with 200 guests coming along with you - they want you to get drunk after the show. Most of the plane rides were two hours to four hours,” she said.

“I used my time wisely ... I didn't party too hard. I had to save my voice -- sometimes you wish you could give more.”

Yesterday, she uploaded to Twitter a first-person view of her bed, captioning that she was feeling under the weather.

“It's good to have some time to sleep you need it, as much as I like to push through it I am realizing it doesn't work in the long run because you get sick and your schedule's shot so if you pace it the right way,” she told Grimshaw.

Despite the Daily Mail’s report, the recent image of Rihanna was not on her Twitter.