• Riot has teased the new Breeze map with three new images
  • The map features a tropical beach with a ruined fort 
  • Breeze might be set somewhere in the Caribbean

Up until now, “Valorant’s” maps have mostly featured either futuristic-modern or rustic aesthetics, but it appears Riot Games is going to shake things up by adding a new map that has a little bit more nature in its scenery.

By the looks of things, the previously leaked “Breeze” map could be real, and players may soon be able to visit this new area in “Valorant’s” next major content update. Riot’s social media accounts posted three new images of the map, featuring what looks like a tropical island with an old, ruined cobblestone structure as the primary point of interest. The tropical setting with ruined fortifications has led fans to speculate that Breeze might be located in the Caribbean.

The postcard-style presentation of the images in the posts suggests that this map may be the same one featured in some of the calendars found in-game, where initial rumors of this new map started from. This implies that the location may hold some significance as a tourist destination or a cultural heritage zone in “Valorant’s” broken world.

Some players are cautiously excited for the arrival of Breeze, as the previously-released Icebox map proved to be a little too difficult for some players to fight in due to its wide-open spaces, absurd number of angles to hide in and the map’s verticality.

One of the previous teaser images for Valorant's Breeze map
One of the previous teaser images for Valorant's Breeze map Riot Games

There’s no official date regarding the release of the map, but it’s expected to drop together with Season 2 Act 3, which is set to start on April 27. The new act is also expected to bring a new battle pass, more balance changes and one new agent, assuming that Riot sticks to its one-agent-per-act schedule.

Season 2 Act 2 brought about big changes to the Bucky shotgun, as well as agents Viper and Yoru that made them more viable for high-level play. The Act 2 update also introduced Astra, a Ghanaian agent who controls the battlefield with her stars.

There hasn't been any news about who “Valorant’s” Agent 16 might be, but some fans are assuming that they might have some connection to the Caribbean islands due to Breeze’s potential setting. More information is expected once Season 2 Act 3 officially starts by the end of April.