• Developers could buff Yoru in an upcoming patch
  • Yoru is the least picked agent in Valorant
  • Developers are working on Yoru's fake footstep ability

If speculations are anything to go by, Riot Games, creator of the massively popular Valorant game, is planning for major buffs and changes to its newly introduced agent, Yoru.

Riot had created a lot of buzz about Agent Yoru during Act 1, Episode 2 of the game. However, the players were not pleased and requested several modifications to the agent. In February, Riot Games made further changes to buff Yoru's signature gatecrash capability, along with its ultimate, dimensional drift in patch v2.03.

In a Reddit thread titled, "Yoru's Fake footsteps ability seriously needs to be buffed or reworked," Rycoux, a Valorant game designer who works on agents wrote: "We have some changes coming very soon and will be diving into the decoy shortly after. We totally hear your feedback on the power deficit on the decoy and will be investigating some changes to that ability."

When a user commented on the thread that "it's not just the decoy, though that is the main weak point," the developer "totally agreed."

According to reports, Yoru is the least played duelist and agent of the game. He has a pick rate of 3.1% with the lowest win rate of 43.5%. In professional leagues, the Yoru stats are even worse. Looking at Valorant Champions Tour Stage 1 Challengers, Yoru has a measly 2% pick rate. In competitive matches, very few teams have picked up Yoru to change the game meta. However, many teams regretted their decision of picking the agent.

In Valorant v2.03 patch notes, Riot introduced several changes to Yoru’s Gatecrash and Dimensional Drift abilities. After the update, Yoru’s gatecrash displayed the range of opponents, while moving on the minimap. The opponents were able to hear the audio of gatecrash teleport if they were in the range on the minimap. While Yoru’s dimensional drift got a major buff, teammates could see enemies on their minimaps as well. The ability no longer body blocked enemies.

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