Love for God is now being proclaimed on social networking sites as well. RIP Jesus Christ has become a trending topic on Twitter on the eve of Good Friday, the day when Christians the world over believe the son of God sacrificed his life for us, the sinners.

While some people have tweeted saying Jesus is not dead since he resurrected, there are others who think this Twitter trend is disrespectful and ridiculous.

The trend started when a Twitter user posted a tweet “RIP JESUS CHRIST” on April 1 followed by another tweet “RIP Jesus Christ of Nazareth” by another user on April 4.

However, this is not the first time that RIP has become a trending topic.

Earlier celebrities like Rihanna, Demi Moore, Eddie Murphy, Justin Bieber, Rowan Atkinson and Adele too have been victims of Twitter death hoaxes.

While RIP Jesus Christ is trending some people are thanking Jesus for sacrificing his life for the people.

Here are some tweets that have appeared on Twitter after RIP Jesus Christ started trending on the micro-blogging site.

? RIP Jesus Christ is trending but he's not even dead 'cause he resurrected!

? RIP Jesus Christ? Don't worry guys, I read ahead and it all ends up ok!

? RIP Jesus Christ should be a trending topic everyday

? I'm really annoyed that RIP Jesus Christ is trending. Jesus is not dead, and oh...#BibleFact! he resurrected from the dead on the 3rd day.

? Whats with the RIP Jesus Christ? He isnt dead....He is ALIVE....Christians fix up...

? okay this RIP Jesus Christ TT is disrespectful.

? RIP Jesus Christ. My Savior, thank you for sacrificing your whole life for us, without you, I wouldn't be a better person. I love you God.

? RIP Jesus Christ -- I'm actually annoyed this is trending, Jesus isn't dead he resurrected from the dead.

? RIP Jesus Christ thank you for sacrificing yourself for us ♥

? RIP Jesus Christ trending? We really need to stop trending fake deaths

So is it ok to thank Jesus on the networking site or is it disrespectful? Let us know your comments.