RIP Snooki and RIP Taylor Swift are two of the current trending topics on Twitter.

Obviously, the news is a hoax as both Jersey Shore star Snooki (Nicole Polizzi) and Taylor Swift are alive and kicking.

The 4-feet-9-inches star, Snooki has been hitting headlines after losing several pounds and showing off her new avatar to the world on her Twitter Images.

But the recent trail of death hoaxes of celebrities on Twitter has certainly left people angry and irritated. After the recent death hoaxes, starting from Rihanna, and followed by Demi Moore, Adele, and Eddie Murphy, people are now getting angry and thousands of Twitter hatred tweets are also being pumped out from their accounts.

As one user points out, after so many death hoaxes, if someone really dies at the moment, the news is not going to be taken seriously anymore.

RIP Taylor Swift? I'm getting tired of these fake twitter deaths RT if you agree!, a one of the users tweeted.

There are users making fun of Twitter for killing people so frequently and there are also a lot of jokes being made on the death hoax of Snooki. People have expressed their disappointment on the Snooki death being a hoax! Outraged fans too are expressing their anger.

Below are few of the tweets appearing on Twitter after the death rumors of the young celebrities in their twenties started trending on Twitter.

RIP Snooki? RIP Taylor Swift? Twitter is on a rampage... Worse than Hitler!

You're a nobody until twitter kills you! Rip Snooki.

The awkward moment when RIP Snooki is trending & you get all excited/happy, but then you find out it's just a joke -____-

Twitter if you want to kill an orange just eat it. RIP Snooki.

RIP Snooki, the other 629 Pokemon will miss you.

RIP Snooki. The oompa Loompas will be devastated.

RIP Snooki is trending now. Twitter continues killing famous people. Twitter is serial killer.

BREAKING: Twitter just murdered a carrot. RIP Snooki.

RIP Snooki. I always knew that one day the oompa loompas would return to put you back in Wonka's chocolate factory.

RIP Snooki ? Twitter kills more people than freaking Freddy Krueger! (=

Rip Taylor swift and Rip Snooki i swear twitter kills more people a day then like the real world does lol if that made any sense

♥ Wow RIP Drake RIP Eddie Murphy RIP Taylor Swift....RIPSnooki?!? TWITTER WHO'S NEXT? Twitter kills more ppl than Bin Laden ever did i think!

stop killing people twitter!! rip soulja boy. rip taylor swift. and nowrip snooki!!! snooki is not dead. i love snooki

RIP Taylor Swift and RIP Snooki!?? Why is everyone being killed? I swear, one day someone will really die and no one will take it seriously!

One might wonder what fun it is after all to post fake death rumors of people, but it seems there are others who look at the positive side of it and let the news pass with a laugh.

Wonder what Snooki and Taylor Swift have to say!

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