Stephen Amell is one name people couldn’t stop talking about especially with CW’s “Arrow” ending soon after eight seasons. But we’re not here to talk about the actor who played Oliver Queen rather we’re here to get to know his younger cousin.

For those who have lived under the rock —yes— there is another Amell in the entertainment industry. His name is Robbie and here are some interesting facts about him.

Robert Patrick Amell was born to Rob Amell and Jo (née Burden), who made custom jewelries, on April 21, 1988 in Toronto, Canada. The now 31-year-old actor finished his secondary education in Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute in 2006, and reportedly attended the Canadian Studios Acting Academy, news outlet uInterview reported.

Stephen Amell of CW’s “Arrow” and Robbie are, in fact, first cousins (paternal). The younger Amell has a sister named Amanda, whom he reportedly started a modeling career with. Amell and his sister reportedly took roles in small advertisements and television shows. Discovering he has passion for acting after his experience with high school plays, Amell ventured out in a bigger audience making appearances in national TV and film industry. After his exposure to a craft he never thought he would love, Amell decided he wanted to pursue acting professionally.

Robbie Amell Code 8
Robbie Amell stars in "Code 8," a sci-fi movie about people with extraordinary abilities. The actor is pictured at "The X-Files" premiere on Jan. 16, 2016 in Los Angeles. Getty Images

One of the biggest contributor to Amell’s current success in the entertainment industry is the “Arrow” actor, Stephen Amell.

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen
Oliver Queen’s (Stephen Amell) important role in the Season 2 premiere of “Legends of Tomorrow” has been revealed. The CW

The younger Amell was reportedly encouraged by his older cousin to embark on this journey. Although they lost touch for a while as they ventured in their separate lives, the two eventually reunited in Los Angeles.

Amell likes hockey and is reportedly a fan of Toronto Maple leaves. However, when he moved to L.A. he had also grown to like the Los Angeles King. Amell is into break-dancing and Muay Thai and reportedly a Judaism practitioner. Family, relatives and close friends reportedly call him “Picky” because of his choice in food.

For all the single ladies out there —too bad he is no longer single. Amell is currently married to Italia Ricci. Uh huh, you got it right. Our handsome lad is already taken by the beautiful woman who portrayed the character of Emily Rhodes, Chief of Staff in White House and Special Advisor to the President, in the television series “Designated Survivor.” The pair dated since 2009, got engaged in 2014 and finally, tied the knot in 2016.

Amell had various commercials, TV shows and film appearances but his popularity rose after the release of the movie “Duff.” He played the role of Wesley Rush and the same gained him two Teen Choice Award nominations, news outlet The Famous People reported. Amell also played Firestorm in the famous series “The Flash.”

Robbie Amell as Firestorm
Robbie Amell explained why fans may still see Ronnie Raymond on “The Flash” in the future. The CW

Amell is set to co-star with his older cousin in the Jeff Chan’s upcoming sci-fi movie, “Code 8.”