Robert Pattinson has moved on from the arms of his former “Twilight” love Kristen Stewart and into the world of hard drugs, according to a new report. Star magazine published claims Wednesday that the 27-year-old former “Twilight” star was caught on a “cocaine bender” in Los Angeles recently while partying in the company of his rumored new girlfriend, Dylan Penn.

According to the magazine, the British native allegedly “snorted” the substance several times while attending a Mickey Avalon concert at The Viper Room on Sep. 7 with Penn before continuing his night at the popular celebrity hangout the Chateau Marmont hotel. “Rob tried to be subtle by scooping the coke out of a baggie with a key, but he was still in plain view of others in the room and he looked like he knew exactly what to do,” a source revealed, adding, “Rob went to the bathroom several times with the bag of cocaine.”

Allegedly, the up-and-coming “Maps to the Stars“ actor was with a group of friends during the alleged scene and appeared to be anxious about doing drugs in front of eyewitnesses. “He got nervous, anxious and defensive toward the end of the night,” revealed a source, who claims the actor then left the hotspot at around 2:30 a.m. to continue to party in the privacy of his own home.

The report follows a “blind item” posted on the site BlindGossip on Sep. 27 with the headline, "Hot British Actor Is Next In Line For Rehab," which hinted that Pattinson was headed for rehab due to drug-related issues. While the site never that confirmed Pattinson was the face behind the report, the mystery individual is classified as being a “once-hot young Brit” whose love-life and advertising deals make bigger headlines than their recent films. Following multiple reports that Pattinson recently began dating Dylan Penn, the daughter of actors Sean Penn and Robin Wright, and in light of the announcement of his deal with Dior, 48 BlindGossip commenters out of 86 guessed that the “Twilight” star was the face behind the allegations.

According to a report from E! News, Pattinson was last spotted in public on Wednesday in Hollywood, Calif., looking more muscular than usual. According to their report, the actor is currently working on bulking up for his latest role in the Jesper Ganslandt thriller “Missions: Blacklist” in which he will star as a young military interrogator trying to capture Saddam Hussein.