Robert Pattinson and Christia Ricci
Robert Pattinson and Christia Ricci promote 'Bel Ami' at the Berlinale Internation Film Festival. Reuters

There's a reason why Robert Pattinson is a three time MTV Movie Award Best Kiss winner and it's not his acting. According to Christina Ricci, his costar in the raunchy new drama, 'Bel Ami', R-Patz is quite the lip-locker. The ShowBiz Spy reports that the star was quoted as saying:

Everyone keeps asking me how it is to kiss Robert. He's a good kisser. And I'm not being nice. It's just like that he's always the kind of guy that you can look at and go, 'Oh God, this is uncomfortable'.

For Ricci and Pattinson, 'Bel Ami' called for plenty of steamy scenes. Based on the French novel by Guy de Maupassant, the film chronicles the various trysts of a social climbing journalist (Pattinson) who beds a sea of women with little regard for their feelings. So did the 'Twilight' hunk's personality mirror that of his character? According to Ricci, that was defiantly not the case:

He's really lovely to work with, especially in those kinds of scenes because he's so quick to laugh at himself--and me. He's very self-deprecating, as am I,

She is no doubt referring to Pattinson's casual approach to his fame and the 'Team Edward' pandemonium that trails him throughout the globe. His humble nature no doubt stems from growing up far from the Hollywod scene. Born in London, the star struggled for years to secure an acting gig before landing the coveted role of Edward Cullen in the phenomenally successful 'Twilight' franchise.

In addition to 'Bel Ami', Pattinson will also appear alongside girlfriend Kristen Stewart in this November's 'Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II.