Las Vegas-- Actor Taron Egerton may be playing the Pinball Wizard in Paramount’s upcoming summer title “Rocketman,” but according to the film’s star, the real Elton John wasn’t too heavy-handed in the filmmaking process.

When International Business Times spoke to Egerton last year shortly after being cast in the film, he revealed he had been to John’s home to discuss the project. Now, one year later, he shared during the studio’s slate presentation in Las Vegas on Thursday that John, 72, didn’t interfere with production.

“He’s been remarkably hands-off, really,” Egerton, 29, revealed when asked if Elton advised him in any way before filming. While it appears Elton may not have been too concerned about Egerton’s portrayal of him in his younger years on the big screen, Egerton did say “managing the pressure” was his biggest challenge for him going into “Rocketman.”

Though, Egerton need not worry about his performance, according to his director Dexter Fletcher. Onstage, the filmmaker said Egerton brought a “vibrancy” to the part and did all of his own singing. When asked what his favorite moment in the film is, Fletcher said, “Anything with Taron in it.”

“Rocketman” releases on May 31.