• Roger Stone may not start his prison time due to COVID-19 concerns
  • The ally of President Trump was sentenced to 40 months in prison
  • His lawyers have, once again, filed an appeal

Roger Stone, an ally of President Donald Trump, may not begin his prison sentence on the expected date as his team was apparently advised of a possible 30-day delay due to COVID-19.

A report from ABC revealed that Stone's lawyer, Seth Ginsberg, was informed by the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) Wednesday that his client's surrender date could be pushed back. BOP, however, won't comment on the information. 

On April 16, Judge Amy Berman Jackson denied Stone's appeal for a new trial allegedly due to misconduct by a juror. His lawyers accused a member of the jury for giving false information on the questionnaire and for not disclosing her political bias against Trump. They presented evidence of the jury forewoman's social media posts.

Jackson, however, ruled that Stone's conviction is "final," and his team of lawyers were not able to establish that there was "a serious miscarriage of justice."

"While the social media communications may suggest that the juror has strong opinions about certain people or issues, they do not reveal that she had an opinion about Roger Stone, which is the opinion that matters," the judge wrote. 

Thus, Stone's surrender date to the BOP was supposed to happen 14 days after Jackson's ruling.

In February, Jackson sentenced Stone to 40 months in prison and 250 hours of community service following his November conviction for obstructing the House Intelligence Committee's investigations into the involvement of Russia during the 2016 elections. Stone was also ordered to have two years of supervised release once he gets out of prison.

Meanwhile, Trump has been defending Stone during his trial and conviction. He said in previous press briefings that his ally was "treated very unfairly."

Per Fox News, Stone is reportedly “praying for a pardon” from Trump after his lawyers filed another appeal Thursday, the last day before his surrender date.