Rohan Marley
Rohan Marley showing off a House of Marley boombox at CES. REUTERS

Rohan Marley, whose personal information ranges from son of reggae music legend Bob Marley to Lauryn Hill's ex to former football player to coffee entrepreneur, is engaged to Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana in a wedding to be held in Ethiopia.

Fontana, 28, and Marley, 39, chose to wed in Ethiopia for its Rastafarian roots on a date to be determined by the couple.

Rohan told me we have to return to the roots so the marriage will last forever, Fontana told Brazilian magazine Veja.

The pair began dating in October, shortly after Marley's ex, Hill, returned to performing.

Marley and Hill dated for over 15 years, but were never legally married despite Hill referring to Marley has her husband for over 10 years and having five children together. They broke up last year shortly before Hill gave birth to her most recent child from another man.

Marley was also reportedly married to Geraldine Khawly before his alleged marriage to Hill, Jezebel reported, and has two children with Khawly.

Fontana was also married before - twice, in fact, to models Álvaro Jacomossi and Henri Castelli - and has one child from each marriage.

However, not everyone is happy about the engagement. According to Brazilian magazine Veja, Fontana's mother, Maribel, believes the couple is rushing into marriage, having only dated seven months.

I think everything is happening too fast but everything has a different rhythm with Isabeli, she told Veja.

According to Contact Music, the couple rarely spends time together since Rohan Marley lives in New York and Isabeli Fontana lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Fontana, who was named as the number 11 top-paid model by Forbes in 2008 earning $3 million, was recently under fire for appearing in a swimsuit ad for H&M looking extremely tanned, angering cancer groups in Sweden.