Roku, one of the biggest names in the streaming hardware market, has unveiled the latest additions to its product line for 2020. Along with the usual incremental improvements expected each year, these news offerings add some long-requested features to Roku’s lineup.

First up is the latest upgrade to the Roku Ultra, the company’s highest-end streaming box capable of 4K HDR streaming. This year’s model finally adds support for Dolby Vision, the proprietary HDR mastering format produced by sound pioneer, Dolby Laboratories. The format is favored by services like Netflix and Apple TV for their HDR content and has strong support from enthusiasts.

In addition to display upgrades, the new Ultra also boasts 50% better wireless range, allowing it to perform better further away from a home’s Wi-Fi router. The Ultra continues to be the only Roku hardware to offer an ethernet port, allowing for stronger connections via wired input.

Also announced was the Roku Streambar, a more compact follow-up to the company’s smart soundbar, which released last year. Just like its older brother, the Streambar will offer four speakers to upgrade a TV’s audio capabilities and a built-in Roku Ultra for an enviable two-in-one setup.

The Streambar comes in at a svelte 14-inches, a significant trim down from the smart soundbar’s 32. Though smaller and better suited for smaller viewing environments, like bedrooms, the Streambar is said to offer the same performance as its bigger counterpart. However, despite containing Roku Ultra capabilities, neither of the Roku soundbars feature ethernet ports.

Finally, a new update will be adding Apple AirPlay 2 functionality to Rokus later in the year, allowing them to stream photos, music, and video content from iPhones, iPads, and Macs. This functionality has been available on Apple TV boxes and select smart TVs for years.

The new Roku Ultra will retail for $99.99 and the Streambar for $129.99. Both products are set for release sometime in October.

The Roku Channel free streaming service will only requires users to get a Roku account. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid