Former UFC champion Ronda Rousey just graced the cover of Sports Illustrated, but her Photoshop beef isn’t with the magazine. Rousey is upset that photos of her muscular arms from her stint on Jimmy Fallon’s “The Tonight Show” were altered to make them look dainty.

She immediately slammed the distorted picture, and then shared side-by-side images on Instagram Thursday. “I have to make an apology to everyone -- I was sent a picture to share on social for Fallon that was altered without me knowing to make my arms look smaller,” the fighter wrote. “I won't say by who -- I know it was done with severely misplaced positive intentions -- but this goes against everything I believe and I am extremely proud of every inch of my body. And I can assure you all it will never happen again. I could not be more appalled and hope you all forgive me.” Her post was liked more than 286,000 times by her 7.5 million followers.

Before that post, she had a clear message for her haters. She shared a picture of text that reads, “One of life’s simple truths: If you post a rude, insulting comment on a complete stranger’s social media, you’re a sad, empty loser. You’re also an a--hole.”

Rousey, 29, recently opened up about what it felt like to lose to Holly Holm in UFC 193. "Honestly, like, my thought, in the medical room, down in the corner, I was like, 'What am I anymore if I'm not this?'" she said, with tears in her eyes. "And I was literally sitting there and thinking about killing myself, and that exact second I'm like, 'I'm nothing, what do I do anymore, and no one gives a s--- about me anymore without this.'"

The fighter has been vocal about wanting a rematch. She could fight Holm for a second time in July.

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