After taking last week off, “Roswell, New Mexico” is returning to take viewers to the past in episode 6. The CW drama will delve into prom night as well as show what really happened the night Rosa died. While The CW is keeping the big spoilers under lock and key, IBT has a few teasers about the episode.

Flashbacks — “Roswell, New Mexico” Season 1, episode 6 is almost entirely flashbacks. Not only will we see the characters as high school seniors (and they’ve been de-aged really well), there will be a flashback to the aliens as 13-year-olds. Something important happened when they were kids.

Relationships Bloom — Fans will see the very beginning of both of the show’s core relationships, Max (Nathan Dean Parsons) and Liz (Jeanine Mason) as well as Michael (Michael Vlamis) and Alex (Tyler Blackburn). It will also be clear what (or who) got in the way of those romances in 2008.

An Easter Egg Original “Roswell” fans will want to listen for a certain name drop.

Alex’s Dad — Master Sergeant Manes (Trevor St. John) gets a moment where he’ll show the type of father he is.

No Maria — “Roswell, New Mexico” fans looking for more Maria won’t find her here. Actress Heather Hemmens is not in the episode. While the hour takes viewers to prom, they won’t actually go inside to see Liz and her friends having a good time. The drama is outside of the big dance.

Rosa’s Mystery Unravels — There are a lot of answers unveiled about Rosa (Amber Midthunder) and the night she died. “Roswell, New Mexico” isn’t wrapping up every mystery halfway through the season, though. There will, of course, be even more questions.

“Roswell, New Mexico” Season 1, episode 6 airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST on The CW.

Roswell Season 1, episode 6
"Roswell, New Mexico" Season 1, episode 6 will answer a lot of questions for viewers. John Golden Britt/The CW