“Roswell, New Mexico” is taking a little break from the drama. The CW put the aliens on a short hiatus this week.

“Roswell, New Mexico” Season 1, episode 6 will air Tuesday, Feb. 26 at 9 p.m. EST on The CW. Why the show is on hiatus isn’t clear, but a rerun will air tonight. “So Much For the Afterglow,” the second episode of the series, will be rebroadcast.

Showrunner Carina MacKenzie noted on Twitter that she wasn’t given a reason for the rerun (most CW shows have been reruns for about a week now). However, she emphasized that streaming numbers are important, so rewatching old episodes on the CW website or app would be helpful during the show’s mini break.

When “Roswell, New Mexico” returns, viewers will get a look at high school life. The episode, titled “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” will take fans back to 2008 through flashbacks. “Secrets are uncovered about Rosa’s (Amber Midthunder) final day, Isobel’s (Lily Cowles) mysterious blackouts and Alex (Tyler Blackburn) and Michael’s (Michael Vlamis) relationship in high school,” the synopsis teases.

Last week’s episode ended with a major twist. Liz realized that the alien handprint on Rosa’s dead body was too small to belong to Max (Nathan Dean Parsons) or Michael. It must’ve been Isobel. It seems like Michael has told Isobel he killed those girls because Isobel actually murdered them during one of her blackouts. Will episode 6 finally lead to answers about the night Rosa died?

That’s not the only mystery that needs solving. Kyle (Michael Trevino) revealed earlier this season that his dad told him, “If you see the handprint, go to Manes.” He was under the impression that his dad meant General Manes. However, MacKenzie hinted that fans speculating that perhaps he actually meant Alex might be on the right track.

Roswell, New Mexico” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on The CW.

Is Roswell On Tonight?
"Roswell, New Mexico" will return next week with a flashback episode. John Golden Britt/The CW